Meet the Farm Sweet Farm N’ Ranch:cropped-466909d2-487e-4f3e-9295-d6d3eadc469a3.jpg

We (read: Mr. Farmer and his Dad) raise wheat, corn, and sorghum. Junior, The Bean, and I also pretend to help once in a while. We also have some of these…

Apparently I do not take many pictures of our fur babies so I’ll have to go out and do that. Picture coming soon!

It’s a feeder operation. So, we get them as teenagers and fatten them up.

Much to my city girl surprise, there are no chickens, goats, horses, pigs, or roosters…yet 😉 We do have a few of these roaming around.

If you need a place to bring your sweet and lovable, mice chasing kittens just let me know. Farms always need more kittens.

The Bean has named them all kitty and refers to them by their color. What can I say, we are pretty creative around here. Speaking of The Bean, let me introduce you to the loves of my life.

Meet Mr. FarmerIMG_1020
Mr. Farmer was born and raised on this farm. Farming runs deep in his blood and as much as I don’t always understand or love everything there is to love about farming, I love this man more than life itself. He is one hardworking hubby and an incredible father. He also has a slight obsession with wrestling.

Meet The Bean


This little bean has a smile that lights up a room. Current favorites include Mr. Farmer, books/reading, telling stories, tickling baby J, negotiating with Mr. Farmer, meeeelk (milk), Grammy, organizing her toys, having her back scratched, cuddling, and anything Paw Patrol. She also loves being outside, whether it’s helping daddy, swinging in Mr. Cozy Coup, checking cattle, or simply just exploring the world around her. It’s a battle to bring her inside. Every.single.time. Her least favorite things to do: eat and sleep (two of my favorites). Her passion for life is incredible and she melts my heart. I could spend all day just watching her…oh wait, I do 🙂

Meet Junior (Baby J)

This handsome lil guy makes my heart swell. Current favorites include making adorable baby noises, smiling, watching his farm animal mobile (thanks Grammy), kicking and stretching, playing with the floor gym, cuddling with mom, eating, and sleeping. Maybe he needs to have a word with his sister about those last two. His least favorite thing – getting into the car seat/car. He enjoys the ride once we get moving though. He is one mellow little guy and has definitely stolen our hearts.

 Meet the Farm Wife


I’ll update this eventually. It’s way more fun to write about my family though.