April Updates

So it’s almost the end of May, but my monthly goals for April are coming right along!

Looking back at the list…

  1. Finish the bookshelves for Baby J’s room – We’re LOVING how these turned out! I followed this tutorial from Shanty 2 Chic’s website. Was able to utilize leftover sandpaper, primer, paint, and screws so the only new costs were for the wood and finishing nails. Our framily members own the Ace Hardware in town and were super awesome and cut the wood to size for me 🙂 Sanded, primed, painted, built, and hung these shelves. It “only” took about three weeks to get these done during nap time (and I used to think simultaneous napping schedules happened by chance☺️). 
  2.  Start working out again. Baby J is too little for a stroller yet so that means I either need to accomplish this before Mr. Farmer leaves in the morning, or I need to get out the death trap erg/rowing machine during nap time – Did really well for about a week and then this happened 😦 Apparently I was more out of shape than I realized. How pathetic…will have to start much slower in a couple weeks once this is all healed up. 
  3. Make a coat hook for the hallway or come up with a new plan for the jackets – Cleaned up this mess with some creativity and leftover supplies from Baby J’s shelves. Here’s the before shot: And here’s the after shot: It’s perfect for this spot and really cleans up the mess of jackets. It’s hard to put them away because the weather changes so drastically from day-to-day hour-to-hour around here.
  4. Buy patio furniture that won’t blow away – Got some awesome stuff from the HD a few weeks ago. It only blows over in EXTREME wind. 
  5. Fertilize the yard – Goodbye dandelions! The grass is looking so pretty!
  6. Seed the bare spots in the yard. – Have to wait a few weeks since I fertilized. 
  7. Start garden plants – They are patiently awaiting to be transplanted into the garden. Now if only it would stop freezing at night!
  8. Refurbish the swing set – Not so sure about this idea anymore. May just hang Mr. Cozy Coup from the patio cover. 
  9. Plant flowers with The Bean. Done! Although we’d love to plant some more around the garden.
  10. Print pictures for Baby J’s room – Haven’t done this yet. Can’t decide on which ones to print!
  11. Work on living room picture wall – Haven’t touched it yet. Need to wait for my interior designers (aka my super awesome sisters) to come and visit!
  12. Survive airline travel with two kiddos on my own! I over stressed about this trip. It was a blast and the kiddos did AWESOME! I wrote a little about our trip here

Survived and really enjoyed traveling to see my family in Virginia with these two little hams! 


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