My Nemesis

I love food. Seriously, I have an emotional relationship to it and actually spent quite a large sum of money (and my parent’s too) learning about it in school. GO HOKIES! But I LOATH cooking (not to be confused with baking) and DREAD every single part of the cooking process. I like to live simply and frankly there is just too much involved with cooking for me to find it enjoyable.

  1. Meal Planning – Yuck. SOOO time consuming and then something comes up and the “plan” is messed up. Or the fact that you have a whole steer tucked away in the deep freeze and are therefore feeling compelled to eat beef for every.single.meal. but can’t seem to come up with anything to make besides steak and tacos. Speaking of steak, you actually can’t have that tonight because you are deathly afraid of the grill (due to a near death experience) and Mr. Farmer is out working late. Don’t even bother with spaghetti, sloppy joes, or meat loaf (not huge lovers of those in our household). There is also a toddler in the house who literally RUNS the other way whenever eating is mentioned. Is it appropriate/healthy to eat tacos every other day?
  2. The List – Dried parsley, fresh basil (pronounced with a short a I learned on Paw Patrol), dried basil, fresh cilantro, dried parsley, dried cilantro…UGH! Pretty sure I have all those spices shoved in the cabinet. Let’s just go to the store already.
  3. Grocery Shopping – Remember, you have a very patient toddler and a newborn (who despises shopping) and you have to fit some groceries into that cart too. Actually though, The Bean is an awesome cart pusher and as long as I don’t over analyze prices too much, she’s really quite patient. Back to the shopping…pack the cart, unpack the cart, pack the groceries back into the cart, out of the cart and into the car/coolers (because you live out in the boonies), out of the car, into the house and FINALLY into the fridge. Oh, you should probably clean it out first. By the way, Baby J is SCREAMING (he’s still learning to appreciate spending all day running errands in the city) and it’s time for dinner. Tacos it is!
  4. Cooking – I sometimes pretend to enjoy this part. It starts out well until I realize the corn starch goes in after simmering for 30 minutes. 30 MINUTES?! Let’s try like 13 and I’m sure adding the corn starch early won’t hurt anything. Chives? This yellow onion will be fine. I’ll work on the sides now…are those SOAP BUBBLES in the rice?! Gross. Throw those out, wash the pot, start over. Needless to say, what was suppose to take a total of 45 minutes takes at least twice as long. The end product does not look like it did on Pinterest, it tastes like cardboard, and the second batch of rice is crunchy. The Bean is repeatedly saying, “No Thanks! I’m full!” while frantically trying to climb out of the strap in her booster chair. Mr. Farmer has politely choked down as much as he can handle and is “just looking for a little dessert” (beef jerky, a granola bar, and a bowl full of yogurt). Dare I remind you that the kitchen is a disaster! Should have stuck to tacos.

There’s hope for me though! On a recent trip to see my parents, my mom introduced me to the skinny taste. Fun, easy to follow, tasty, and healthy recipes! I’m pretty obsessed right now. She even has meal plans complete with shopping lists…for free! While it’s fun to browse and experiment with recipes from her website, her cookbooks are AWESOME too, and this is coming from someone who hardly ever touches cookbooks. You better believe I was stoked when Danny showed up with these bad boys last week!

Favorite Recipes from The Skinnytaste Cookbook: Light on Calories, Big on Flavor (Amazon): Teriyaki-Glazed Grilled Pork Chops, hummus (served warm is ridiculously tasty), and her garden salsa (I can eat half of it in one sitting).

Favorite recipes from Skinnytaste Fast and Slow: Knockout Quick-Fix and Slow Cooker Recipes (Amazon): Slow Cooker Brisket and the Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps with homemade Blue Cheese (and I used to think Blue Cheese was nasty)!

There are serious skills involved with cooking and I seemed to lack them all. My dear friend/college roommate Kspan will back me up on this. Pretty sure she did about 95% of our cooking labs in college while I sat and read the directions to her. I also started tortilla chips on fire in our apartment one time…Yup, I was an awesome lab partner/roomie 😉

You guys, if I can successfully cook a meal from this book, you can too!


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