Initiation…Farm Kid Style

A few weeks ago Mr. Farmer came into the farm office (aka the kitchen) with a sheepish grin. The Bean had been helping him put out salt blocks, so I immediately assumed she was dirt/manure from head to toe and headed to start the bath water. She came tromping into the kitchen with a grin from ear to ear and proudly announced, “I licked them!”

LICKED THEM?! Licked what?! The steers?! What was Mr. Farmer doing while you were busy licking who knows what outside in the pens?

“Oh! Licked what sweetie?” I cringed as I waited for her response.

“Those blocks! I licked them! Like the cows do!” she beamed. Angry eyes may have shot over to Mr. Farmer.  He reassured me that she would be fine and that it really was not a big deal.

Apparently this is a rather normal event in the lives of many farm kids. A right of passage if you will…

The city girl in me finds this extremely disgusting. “Did you at least get a picture?” I asked.  Clearly I still have a lot to learn about this life.




One thought on “Initiation…Farm Kid Style

  1. I can vaguely remember being told by Great Oma that those blocks were for the animals to lick, not for us to lick. So either it runs in the family genes and skipped a generation or it is just something farm kids do 🙂


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