We are home!

Virginia was a blast. Baby J, The Bean, and I went to visit Oma and Opa. I stressed out way too much prior to the trip. Traveling with the Littles was a breeze thanks to my parents having many of the young child/baby essentials available at their house. My dad is a master at scoring great deals off of craigslist. He is also a master at selling things on craigslist for that matter.

The Bean is a seasoned airline traveler, but this was Baby J’s first flight. I did a lot of blogsearching on how to survive traveling alone with multiple littles but we’ll save that for another day.

Not sure why, but I have huge phobias of both starving and freezing to death. I checked the weather before we left and packed for 60/70° days. Apparently A weather system moved in (or out?) and I should have packed for 80/90° days with lots of humidity. Needless to say the stocking hats, pants, and jackets stayed in the suitcase and we made a “quick” trip to pick up some shorts and tanks. Shopping for shorts after having a baby was slightly depressing for my self esteem. Thanks for driving around the parking lot 35 times with my sleeping children mom 😁.

Despite the heat, we really enjoyed ourselves. Spent lots of time with family, did some back deck swimming, went to the zoo, and just relaxed. You know, because life out in the country is just so stressful 😉.

The Bean’s highlights from the trip include (in no particular order):

Playing with Oma and Opa.

Playing with Daisy (and her cage).

 She voluntarily put herself in here. In fact, we had a really hard time keeping her out of here. She also really enjoyed Daisy’s dog bed. Gross. Oma tried to make me feel better about it by reminding me that she cleans them regularly.

Dodging the gates to play on the stairs and squishing under the gate to play hide and seek/chase with the kitty.

Playing with “Oma and Opa’s awesome toys” and playing with Uncle Darth.

(Yes, that’s Uncle Darth threatening to sell all of our beloved toys on eBay)

Going to the zoo to see the flamingos and pandas and cheetah! We also enjoyed playing with cousins C & E and Auntie K and Uncle P.

Playing with Great Grandma M.

 And swimming on the back deck.

Baby J seemed to enjoy:

His first plane ride.

Discovering the wonderfulness of his NUKie.

Cuddling Oma.

Meeting Great Grandma M.

This bird…which may actually be the only animal he was awake to see at the zoo.

Turning three months old, and not being licked to death by Daisy or being eaten by the kitty.

My favorite part of the trip was getting to watch my children play with my family. So often we are all spread out all over the country/world. It was really fun to get to see so many of them in one trip!

Our first and only attempt at a family selfie!

It was so fun to get away, but it’s good to be home. We really missed Mr. Farmer.  I think he even missed us a little too😉.


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