Thanks Danny!

The Bean got a package in the mail this weekend. I was holding Baby J when the mailman, Danny, came to the door so he handed it right to her. What’s that? You mean you aren’t on a first name basis with your USPS workers!? Perks of a small town 🙂 Inside, she was delighted to find these beauties!


Oakiwear Toddler/Children’s Rubber Rain Boots (5 US Toddler, Pink Elephants) – From Amazon of course. I buy almost everything, except food, from Amazon. Thank you Amazon Prime 🙂

They are a tad big for now, but they will hopefully fit great this winter/next summer. Unable to convince her we should wait to wear them until the correct size came, she insisted on wearing them around the house for the rest of the afternoon. When Mr. Farmer came in for the day it was nonstop talk about the boots that Danny got her. There was some momentary confusion between Daddy/Danny and I’m quite certain she’s still convinced that they are from Danny. Anyways, Daddy decided it was time to break them in.

She had a blast splashing about and stayed nice and dry…until she sat in the puddle of course. I love her and can’t wait for more warm weather splashing days! Thanks for the boots Danny!


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