April Goals

I’m loving this time at home with the babies and could get used to being a stay at home mom. Darn you expensive health insurance!

Most of our days are spent playing, feeding, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, and once in a while there’s even an occasional nap.

Now that I’ve physically recovered from childbirth there are a few goals I’ve set to accomplish by the end of April. So, without further ado…here goes.

  1. Finish the bookshelves for Baby J’s room.
  2.  Start working out again. Baby J is too little for a stroller yet so that means I either need to accomplish this before Mr. Farmer leaves in the morning, or I need to get out the death trap erg/rowing machine during nap time.
  3. Make a coat hook for the hallway or come up with a new plan for the jackets.
  4. Buy patio furniture that won’t blow away.
  5. Fertilize the yard.
  6. Seed the bare spots in the yard.
  7. Start garden plants.
  8. Refurbish the swing set.
  9. Plant flowers with The Bean.
  10. Print pictures for Baby J’s room.
  11. Work on living room picture wall.
  12. Survive airline travel with two kiddos on my own!

Wish me luck!


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