Farm Sweet Farm

I woke up this morning greeted by this cute little smile…


It actually made me laugh. Mr. Cozy Coup does not normally take up residence on the entrance steps. How did it get here?

 I’ve been meaning to start this blog for about five years now, but in the back of my mind I kept wondering who would read about our farm life? A farm, ranch, and windy farm located out in the middle of nowhere paradise to be exact.


But this morning I decided that a blog would be a fun outlet for me to keep track of our life events, our stories, our trials, our successes and our errors, my random thoughts, and the things that make us laugh and cry. Life out here is special and it’s very beautiful. It’s a romantic yet isolated, hard working, and unique way of life.  Not everyone gets the opportunity to live this way. Sometimes I question whether or not I’m “cut out” for it, but over the past five years I’ve come to realize that while there may be moments or even days where I wonder about this lifestyle, I am one lucky girl and I wouldn’t give this life up for anything in the world…except maybe a cute little tiny house on the lake in the mountains…with my loved ones…when we retire of course.

But back to the question at hand…the wind. It’s UNBELIEVABLE here. Everything we own outside either weighs a ton (or several), is strapped/cemented down, or is something that simply blows into Kansas. So yes, the lovely breeze slid Mr. Cozy Coup over to the steps and whipped him around to greet us this morning. It’s not the first time the wind has blown things around and it definitely won’t be the last. On a side note, Opa will be cementing the new swing set into place this summer and perhaps Mr. Cozy Coup will even get a new lil’ buddy.

Some blogs have AMAZING photos and the writing is top notch. This is not one of those blogs. There will be grammatical errors, run-on sentences, and one too many commas (I LOVE commas). Oh and the pictures are most definitely from my phone. Yes, I’m a teacher and I know better. No, I’m not going to spend every waking moment editing my work. Remember, I’m a mom and this is just for fun.

This is us. This is our story. And this is a record of our beautiful life out on the windy plains of our farm sweet farm n’ ranch.



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